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About Eatscape.

Who is Eatscape

Eatscape provides excellence in Commercial Kitchen and Hospitality design for Cafes, Bars, Restaurants and Institutions.

Formally Chris Love Design, Eatscape Design is a Melbourne based Hospitality collective design practice, drawing on the Principals’ experience as a chef in European and Australian kitchens and as a Foodservice Manager & Kitchen Designer for a large Commercial Caterer.

Eatscape was formed specifically to cater for the hospitality sector. Clients are involved in a collaborative design process, the end results of which exhibit a unique understanding of the hospitality industry, we aim to be practical and innovative and deliver on compliance and budgetary expectations.

Who is Eatscape

Our Team

A Team Of Dedicated Professionals

Eatscape staff are a passionate group of qualified people with unique skill sets. These skills are shared in a team environment to provide the highest standard of hospitality design. The principals experience as a qualified chef both in European and Australian kitchens, together with extensive experience in food service design and retail management, provides the practical background necessary to deliver designs tailored to site specific real world application.

Chris Love
Chris Love
Design Director

The Founder and Principal Design Director of EatScape (formally Chris Love Design ), Chris has over 20 years of design experience. Chris manages to seamlessly combine his intimate knowledge, as a former chef for Award-winning restaurants in London, Adelaide and Melbourne, with insights from managing foodservice sites for an International Catering company, to deliver some of the most functional and beautiful commercial kitchen and bar spaces, within the most cutting edge venues, across Australia, UK, USA and Asia.

“My passion for food came from my Mum, the way it speaks to who you are and how you care for the people around you.”

Vida English
Vida English
Project Director

Starting her career as a Chef, and then Food & Beverage manager at a large catering organisation (12 years), going on to lead the Food and Beverage team at an international furniture retailer, before pivoting into Commercial Equipment Sales, along with her absolute passion for the hospitality industry, gave Vida the 'perfect recipe' to become an invaluable part of the team (2012). Firstly as a Designer and now leading Projects, Design & Documentation.

“When I was 5, I asked my Mum whilst at the supermarket if she could buy me a packet cake mix to bake at home, she told me “Pffft!!!! ….. I’m buying you a cookbook and will teach you how to bake”...and that was the day I fell in love with cooking.”

David Phillips
David Phillips
Project Manager

After completing his Industrial design degree at RMIT University, David worked as a senior industrial designer in the commercial and retail fit-out industry (10 years), before finding his feet in commercial kitchen design. With an acute eye and many years of 2D and 3D modelling experience, David was a great fit for the team, joining in 2019.

“Moving to Melbourne changed the way I saw food.“

Howard Rivera
Howard Rivera

With an Advanced Diploma in Building Design (Completed 2018) and after putting his skills to work in the kitchens of aged care facilities, Howard found his home, as a draftsperson for the team, joining in early 2019.

“If I could eat one meal for the rest of my life it would be Filipino BBQ! Pork, Chicken or Beef, made with love and so delicious."

Sara Backhouse
Sara Backhouse

Sara’s path was somewhat divergent, graduating from cooking school, in New York City, then penning her way to Food Editor at Martha Stewart Magazine - where she designed, developed & tested recipes in a test kitchen that were published in the magazine.  After returning to Australia, she ran a successful Food Stylist business and found herself on the set of the Australian production of MasterChef. More recently, Sara has combined her love of food and experience in kitchens with a Certificate 4 in Kitchen and Bathroom design and brings her own unique view to the Eatscape team, in an admin/design role.

“Living within the incredible New York food scene was the catalyst for a career change and a  dive into the world of food.”

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